Dreydon House Bed and Breakfast


August 14 and 17;
August 27 and 28;
August 30;
September 4 and 10;
September 18 through 20;
September 22 and 23;
September 26 through 29;
October 1 through 5;
October 13 through 20;
October 22 through
October 29 through
November 20;
November 22 through December 25;
December 27 through end of year


January 1 through June 15;
June 17 through end of year
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1 805 927 4849
1 805 395 1662

The daily price is for both rooms combined;
comfortable sleeping for four.
To reserve, click the Buy Now button at
right and type in the number of days you will  
be staying with us; then, click the blue
"update" link and follow the remaining
instructions. The days you wish can be noted
in the memo option as you reserve with the
Buy Now button. Payment can be made with
most all Credit or Debit cards or Pay Pal.

We will email your confirmation.

"Tax" is our 12% S.L.O. County Bed Tax.